SNEC 2024 Concludes Successfully | Grand Sunergy Wins “Top Ten Highlights” Terawatt Diamond Award!

On June 15th, the globally influential photovoltaic event, SNEC 2024, concluded successfully. The “Top Ten Highlights” awards ceremony was held concurrently at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Grand Sunergy, with its leading R&D strength, outstanding technological innovation, and stringent quality management, won the “Top Ten Highlights” Terawatt Diamond Award. This marks another accolade for Grand Sunergy in the SNEC “Top Ten Highlights” competition.

The “Top Ten Highlights” selection is a key part of SNEC, aiming to encourage and recognize innovation in the PV, storage, and hydrogen industries. It promotes cutting-edge technology development, addressing core technological challenges, and seizing future development opportunities. The exhibition committee organized experts to evaluate entries based on “advancement, originality, social impact, and professional domain” to highlight the latest technologies and frontier products in the industry.

SNEC 2024 Concludes Successfully | Grand Sunergy Wins "Top Ten Highlights" Terawatt Diamond Award!

Grand Sunergy won the award with its Eutropic series 182-144 type single-glass HJT module. Single-glass modules feature only one layer of glass on the front. Grand Sunergy’s single-glass HJT module uses fully tempered glass on the front, reducing breakage probability and enhancing hail resistance. The back uses specially designed water-resistant encapsulation materials and waterproof sealing edge designs, perfectly addressing waterproofing issues. This product is tailored for distributed rooftop markets like colored steel tiles.

Moreover, single-glass modules are lighter, reducing weight by 20%-30% compared to conventional double-glass modules, benefiting rooftop load-bearing. The high-reflectivity back sheet design increases the front power output compared to mainstream single-glass modules, with a maximum power of 610W and a conversion efficiency of up to 23.62%. The product also optimizes process design at both the cell and module levels, increasing power generation per unit area and reducing the cost per watt in scenarios with high labor and logistics costs, leading to a lower overall system LCOE.

“This SNEC, Grand Sunergy focused on R&D and manufacturing of PV cells and modules, new energy power station investment, PV EPC, and power station O&M, showcasing the company’s cutting-edge technology products and smart energy system solutions,” said Zhao Zhiyuan, Vice General Manager of Grand Sunergy. “The company will leverage its core technology and brand advantages, continue to advance in various segments, and contribute to the development of high-efficiency PV technology and a new power system dominated by clean energy.”

SNEC 2024 Concludes Successfully | Grand Sunergy Wins "Top Ten Highlights" Terawatt Diamond Award!

Winning the “Top Ten Highlights” award demonstrates Grand Sunergy’s innovative strength and reliable quality, earning high recognition from the SNEC expert group. It also strengthens Grand Sunergy’s confidence and determination in adhering to the strategy of “innovation-driven, technology-focused, customer-first, quality-above-all.” In the future, Grand Sunergy will collaborate with partners to build a zero-carbon life and contribute significantly to achieving the national “dual carbon” goals and sustainable development.