Sailing Ahead | Grand Sunergy’s High-Efficiency HJT Products Shine at China New Energy Expo

On July 4th, the 3rd China New Energy and Energy-Saving Environmental Protection Industry Expo and the 2nd China Smart Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the “New Energy Expo”) were held at the Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center. Grand Sunergy made a spectacular appearance with its high-efficiency heterojunction photovoltaic products, discussing new trends in the development of the new energy and low-carbon environmental protection industries.

The theme of this year’s exhibition was “Promoting Pollution and Carbon Reduction, Accelerating Green Transformation.” Heterojunction photovoltaic products, which integrate advantages such as high conversion efficiency, high power generation, high bifacial rate, excellent weak light effect, low temperature coefficient, low power degradation, and low carbon emissions, are undoubtedly more in line with the main theme of “pollution and carbon reduction, green transformation.”

At the exhibition, the Chasing Series 210-132 version ultra-high power HJT module, with a maximum output power of 751.24W and a maximum conversion efficiency of 24.18%, impressed many with its capabilities. This product uses 210mm large-size high-efficiency HJT cells, combining impurity-gettering and double-sided microcrystalline technology to reduce internal defects and impurities in the cells, effectively improving light absorption and conversion. The product incorporates dense module packing technology, has no PID or LID effect, offers higher power generation, lower BOS costs, and higher power generation revenue, making it suitable for large-scale ground power station projects.

For commercial and industrial distributed scenarios, the Eutropic Series 182-144 version bifacial double-glass HJT module features leading 182mm HJT cells and advanced dense module packing technology. By optimizing cell and module design, the product’s performance is further enhanced. This product boasts a maximum output power of 610W and a maximum conversion efficiency of 23.61%. It has passed front-side 5400Pa and back-side 2400Pa load tests, making it adaptable to harsh installation environments. Additionally, the module has a superior temperature coefficient of -0.24%/°C, an ultra-high bifacial rate of 90%, and a 30-year low power degradation of 88%, ensuring high power generation and high investment returns for power plants.

Exploration, achievement, pursuit, and integration – through showcasing its leading product technology and comprehensive strength, Grand Sunergy has further deepened customer understanding of the company and heterojunction technology, establishing a positive brand image. Grand Sunergy will continue to focus on cost reduction and efficiency enhancement pathways and commercial application exploration of heterojunction technology, concentrating on cutting-edge photovoltaic technologies such as heterojunction/perovskite tandem cells. The company aims to develop and manufacture more efficient, reliable, and high investment-return photovoltaic products, contributing to the early realization of China’s “dual carbon” goals!