“Photovoltaic Blue” Empowers “Ecological Green”: Grand Sunergy Helps Transform Coal Mine Subsidence Areas into Green Energy Bases

“Photovoltaic Blue” empowers “Ecological Green”: once a coal mine subsidence area, it has now transformed into a green photovoltaic power project. On June 30, the 28MW water surface photovoltaic power station in the Qingdong coal mine subsidence area of Huaibei Mining Group, equipped with all high-efficiency photovoltaic modules provided by Grand Sunergy, was successfully connected to the grid. This marks a breakthrough for the company in assisting traditional energy enterprises in their green transition with high-efficiency photovoltaic technology.

As a state-owned energy enterprise in Anhui Province, Huaibei Mining Group, in line with the 14th Five-Year Plan, is vigorously expanding into the new energy sector and accelerating the construction of photovoltaic power projects. This project is an important measure to achieve the “dual carbon” goals and promote a clean, low-carbon, and green energy transition. It not only reduces energy consumption and provides clean electricity but also reutilizes idle resources in subsidence lake areas of mines and factories.

The 28MW water surface photovoltaic project in the Qingdong coal mine subsidence area is located in Linhuan Town, Suixi County, Huaibei City. The design strictly adheres to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection while also considering the remediation and improvement of the coal mine subsidence area. Throughout its life cycle, the project’s first-year grid-connected electricity generation is 32.9088 million kWh, with an average of 31.1915 million kWh over 25 years. The annual average equivalent full-load hours are 1112.87h.

After grid connection, the total grid-connected electricity generation is 779.7885 million kWh. Annually, it can save 9,400 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25,800 tons, sulfur dioxide emissions by about 10.29 tons, and smoke and dust emissions by about 3.12 tons, significantly contributing to the local energy transition.

During the development and construction of the project, Grand Sunergy adhered to a customer-oriented approach, practicing the concept of green and low-carbon development. The company organized a technical team to strengthen communication with the owner and construction parties. With a proactive work attitude and a rigorous and pragmatic work style, they delivered high-efficiency photovoltaic products on time and provided high-quality technical services, ensuring the project was successfully connected to the grid as scheduled.

The successful development and construction of the 28MW water surface photovoltaic project in the Qingdong coal mine subsidence area have provided valuable experience for the comprehensive development of traditional energy projects such as coal mines and petrochemicals. Grand Sunergy has completed grid connections for projects including the 146MW large ground power station in Jiayuguan, Gansu, the 100MW agrivoltaic project in Xiaoxian, Anhui, and the 8.996MW commercial and industrial rooftop project in Xuzhou, Jiangsu. The company will continue to focus on the national “dual carbon” strategy, promoting the green transition and upgrading of local energy, and adding new momentum to the high-quality development of traditional energy enterprises.