Grand Sunergy Wins Bid for CGN 600MW Salt-PV Complementary Project in Tushan, Laizhou, China

Grand Sunergy Wins Bid for CGN 600MW Salt-PV Complementary Project in Tushan, Laizhou, China

Following the successful bid for the CGN 400MW offshore photovoltaic project in Zhaoyuan, Yantai, Grand Sunergy has achieved another milestone. Recently, Grand Sunergy’s secondary holding subsidiary, Anhui Grand Sunergy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., signed a contract with China Power Construction Group Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited Company for the “CGN Laizhou Tushan 600MW Salt-PV Complementary Power Generation Project EPC General Contracting Photovoltaic Module Contract.” The contract value is approximately 749 million RMB.

As a key development project in Shandong Province’s new energy industry, this project is expected to provide strong support for the sustainable development of Laizhou and surrounding areas. Additionally, it holds positive significance for optimizing the local energy structure, promoting the tourism industry, and exploring cross-sector integration of photovoltaic applications.

The Project is in Tushan Town, Laizhou City, Shandong Province. The total investment in the project is 2.4 billion RMB, covering approximately 12,600 acres, with an installed capacity on the AC side of 600MW, divided into 187 photovoltaic power generation units. The project is expected to start construction and begin production within the same year. Upon completion, the annual average power generation is estimated to be 1,003,526,000 kWh, saving an average of 315,900 tons of standard coal per year, and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide by 566,000 tons, sulfur dioxide (desulfurized by 80%) by 160.57 tons, and nitrogen oxides (nitrogen compounds) by 179.63 tons per year.

Experiencing global trend toward green and low-carbon energy transition, photovoltaic power generation technology has spawned various “PV+” integrated utilization models, among which Salt-PV Complementary is one. Salt-PV Complementary involves establishing photovoltaic power stations on salt fields. Under the premise of ensuring unchanged land nature, unchanged salt field yield, and unchanged ecological environment, photovoltaic modules are installed at a certain height above the brine drying pools. This combines brine drying for salt production with photovoltaic power generation, significantly increasing the per-unit area value efficiency of the salt fields.

While Salt-PV Complementary has become a blue ocean for innovative photovoltaic applications, its stringent environmental conditions pose higher challenges for project construction and product selection. In addition to overcoming the complexities of water-based construction processes, the highly corrosive nature of high-salinity brine presents a significant impact on photovoltaic modules. Grand Sunergy provides double-sided, double-glass high-efficiency photovoltaic modules, which can absorb sunlight reflected from the water surface on the back side, thereby further enhancing the overall power generation efficiency of the power station. Additionally, the corrosion resistance is greatly improved, maximizing the utilization of solar energy.

In terms of social effects, the 600MW Salt-PV Complementary project in Tushan, Laizhou, adopts an innovative PV+ Salt Industry model that significantly enhances land resource utilization. This model brings positive impacts on the comprehensive development and environmental protection of the salt pond area. Upon completion, the project will not only provide clean electricity to the local grid but also play a significant role in promoting local social and economic development and improving the ecological environment.

Following the successful acquisition of the largest HJT offshore photovoltaic project in China to date, Grand Sunergy has once again secured a large-scale, hundred-megawatt photovoltaic power station project. This achievement fully reflects the high recognition of Grand Sunergy’s products and services by project investors and clients. It also embodies the company’s core philosophy of “innovation-driven, technology-focused, customer-first, and quality-oriented.”

Striving for excellence, overcoming challenges, and pioneering for the future, Grand Sunergy will continue to deepen its market-oriented approach, innovating in management and technology, providing efficient products and high-quality services to create value for clients, and contributing positively to the energy transition in China and globally.