Exploring a Green Energy Future: Grand Sunergy Unveils New HJT Products at SNEC 2024!

The beginning of summer brings not only scorching sun and cicada songs but also the most prestigious solar energy event in the industry. On June 13th, the 17th(2024) International Photovoltaic Power Genaration and Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “SNEC”) grandly opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Gand Sunergy unveiled a range of new photovoltaic products, attracting the most powerful industry partners and clients for exchanges. The immense popularity at the booth highlights Grand Sunergy’s relentless pursuit of high-efficiency photovoltaic conversion technology and its firm determination to provide powerful momentum for a zero-carbon society.

High-Efficiency Products
Officially Unveiled at SNEC

As a representative of China’s “new engine” for economic growth and “new trio” of foreign trade exports, photovoltaics have become a highly certain and prosperous pillar industry for China’s future. This exhibition attracted over 500,000 professional visitors, more than 5,000 photovoltaic academic experts, and over 3,100 domestic and international photovoltaic exhibitors, showcasing the industry’s high recognition of photovoltaic development prospects.

Exploring a Green Energy Future: Grand Sunergy Unveils New HJT Products at SNEC 2024!

At this globally significant photovoltaic event, Grand Sunergy showcased newly upgraded products, including the Eutropic Series 182-108 Super All-Black HJT Module, the 182-144 Single Glass HJT Module, the Chasing Series 210-132 Ultra-High Power HJT Module, the 210-132 SeaPower HJT Offshore Module, and the new Expedition Series 210R-132 Rectangular Cell HJT Module, demonstrating the company’s leading product development capabilities in the N-type HJT field.

Grand Sunergy’s Chasing Series 182-108 Super All-Black HJT Module features the new generation 0BB busbar-less module technology, integrating black high-reflective film, specially-made black ribbon, and black busbar. From the film, ribbon, busbar, and cells to the module’s outer frame, the overall visual effect is a glossy black. The module uses aesthetically pleasing double-coated glass with anti-glare properties. Compared to the previous generation, it redefines the aesthetic appeal of all-black modules. Additionally, the module’s welding employs pre-glued adhesive bonding instead of traditional hot soldering, preventing hidden cracks due to uneven thermal expansion. This product boasts a maximum power of 450W and an efficiency of 23.02%, providing extreme aesthetic appeal while offering higher power output and lower risk of hidden cracks, making it highly favored by overseas distributed users.

Exploring a Green Energy Future: Grand Sunergy Unveils New HJT Products at SNEC 2024!

To address the issue of low-load roofs unsuitable for dual-glass modules, Grand Sunergy’s R&D team specially developed the lightweight single-glass HJT module – Chasing Series 182-144 Single Glass HJT Module. This product reduces weight by 20%-30% compared to conventional dual-glass modules, making it more suitable for roof load-bearing. This feature effectively reduces the cost per watt in scenarios involving high labor and logistics costs, resulting in lower overall LCOE. The backsheet’s high reflectivity design enhances the module’s front power, with a maximum power of 610W and an efficiency of 23.61%, leading to higher power generation per unit area. Additionally, the module’s front side uses fully tempered glass, providing better resistance to breakage and hail, and the backsheet uses high water-resistance encapsulation with waterproof sealing materials, perfectly solving the waterproofing challenges of single-glass products, tailored for single-sided roof markets like steel roofs.

At the exhibition, Grand Sunergy Expedition Series 210R-132 Rectangular Cell HJT Module features HJT-210R rectangular cells, with module dimensions of 2382mm x 1134mm, representing a new breakthrough in module design and system optimization. The maximum power is 640W, with an efficiency of 23.69%. The rectangular silicon wafer design increases the effective power generation area compared to conventional 182mm sizes, further enhancing power generation per unit area. In the supply chain, the rectangular size maximizes container space utilization, improving logistics efficiency with a utilization rate of up to 98.5%. On the system side, higher power generation and a 90% ultra-high bifacial rate ensure better power performance and higher power gains for power plants, effectively reducing the cost of electricity and significantly improving the return on investment ratio.

Exploring a Green Energy Future: Grand Sunergy Unveils New HJT Products at SNEC 2024!

Chasing the light, continuously moving forward, Grand Sunergy relentlessly explores the boundaries of photovoltaic application and efficiency breakthroughs. Through accumulated process stacking and capacity ramping, the Chasing series 210-132 model ultra-high power HJT modules continually enhance efficiency. Certified by global third-party authoritative testing institutions, the maximum power of the modules has broken through 751.24W, with an efficiency of 24.18%. These products use 210mm large-size high-efficiency HJT cells and 0BB busbar-less technology, combined with impurity reduction and bifacial microcrystalline processes to reduce internal defects and impurities in cells, effectively enhancing light absorption and conversion. Additionally, by eliminating the main busbar on the cell end, silver consumption is reduced by over 30%. In the packaging phase, busbar-less welding technology is employed, utilizing finer and more numerous low-temperature solder wires for current collection, enhancing conductivity. The finer ribbon also enhances the product’s aesthetics. The product features no PAD point obstructions, and is equipped with custom-developed double-coated glass, light conversion film, and gap film technologies, making it a truly ultra-high power module.

The Grand Sunergy Chasing series 210-132 model SeaPower HJT offshore module is specifically developed for marine and tidal flat application scenarios. The product frame is made from polyurethane polymer composite material, which is durable and corrosion-resistant, capable of stable operation in high salt fog and high alkaline environments, and mechanically robust enough to withstand category 16 typhoons, making it an unparalleled choice for marine applications. These modules incorporate water-resistant butyl rubber edging, offering excellent air tightness and water vapor resistance, enhancing water resistance by two orders of magnitude, allowing for stable operation in high temperature and humidity environments, effectively extending the module’s lifespan. Furthermore, the SeaPower HJT modules incorporate a light conversion film design and are equipped with a new generation of highly sealed junction boxes and connectors, ensuring product durability against UV exposure, water vapor, and salt mist corrosion, while significantly enhancing module power output.

Content-Rich Presentation
Infinite Attraction at the Booth

At the exhibition site, Grand Sunergy staff provided the audience with detailed explanations of the characteristics and features of the products on display. Dr. Liu Songmin, Executive Vice President of Grand Sunergy New Energy Research Institute, delivered a brilliant speech. He analyzed the innovative application of the SeaPower HJT Marine Photovoltaic Modules and 0BB technology, using the example of the CGN Yantai Zhaoyuan 540MW Offshore Photovoltaic Project. He stated that the Grand Sunergy technical team always starts from first principles, solidifying fundamental research and manufacturing, strengthening core technology breakthroughs, continuously improving product quality, and consistently bringing higher system value to customers, leading the industry forward with exceptional value and brand power.

Exploring a Green Energy Future: Grand Sunergy Unveils New HJT Products at SNEC 2024!

Li Li, Director of Grand Sunergy Fengyuan (Jiangsu) Electric Power Technology Co., Ltd., provided a detailed explanation of comprehensive energy management (virtual grid). He pointed out that Grand Sunergy insists on being customer value-centered and demand-oriented, continuously providing the best product services to customers, and building business partnerships with them to share the value dividends of photovoltaic power stations.

On-Site Signing
Joining Hands for Green energy cooperation

At this exhibition, the Grand Sunergy booth was crowded with visitors, attracting numerous partners and veteran media to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the photovoltaic industry. They also explored the experiences of new technologies in the path of reducing costs and improving efficiency in photovoltaics, with the aim of advancing together and seeking common development.

Exploring a Green Energy Future: Grand Sunergy Unveils New HJT Products at SNEC 2024!

At the exhibition site, Mr. Zhang Zhongwei, President of Grand Sunergy’s Photovoltaic Division, signed strategic cooperation agreements with Mr. Wang Dong, Director of CTC National Inspection Group’s Photovoltaic Testing and Certification Institute, and Mr. Xiong Limin, Chief Metrologist of the National Institute of Metrology, China. The three parties will leverage their respective strengths to collaborate in areas such as outdoor proofing station HJT module power degradation detection and evaluation research, standardized HJT cell/module production and precise measurement testing technology, CNAS/CMA laboratory qualification certification, and green low-carbon cooperation. This partnership aims to continuously assist and enhance Grand Sunergy’s photovoltaic product performance and power generation capacity at the power station system end, improve the photovoltaic industry’s innovation system, establish industry demonstration standards, and jointly promote the coordination and standardization of the HJT industry chain, fostering high-quality industry development.

Exploring a Green Energy Future: Grand Sunergy Unveils New HJT Products at SNEC 2024!

Technology Leadership
Unleashing Dynamic Energy

As a technology-driven enterprise, Grand Sunergy has mastered the core vertical integration technologies from silicon wafer to solar cells, modules, and power stations. Capable of meeting diverse requirements across various scenarios and customers, the company offers high power output, high conversion efficiency, high return on investment, low system costs, and a low carbon footprint.

Grand Sunergy is committed to leading the global photovoltaic heterojunction industry. Through technological breakthroughs and process innovations, it continuously launches market-aligned, high-quality photovoltaic products. These efforts provide global end-users with more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solar solutions, making clean energy more economical and safe, continually driving the transformation towards a zero-carbon society, and accelerating the achievement of ‘dual carbon’ goals.