400MW + 600MW! Grand Sunergy Expands Its Footprint in Offshore and Salt-PV Projects, Accelerating Global Green Energy Transition

Recently, Grand Sunergy has achieved significant milestones by winning two major photovoltaic projects, solidifying its position as a leader in the renewable energy sector. The successful bids include the CGN 400MW offshore photovoltaic project in Zhaoyuan, Yantai, and the CGN 600MW Salt-PV complementary project in Tushan, Laizhou. These achievements underscore Grand Sunergy’s technological prowess, product excellence, and superior service capabilities, further boosting its brand influence in the industry.

Pioneering the 400MW Offshore Photovoltaic Project in Zhaoyuan, Yantai,China
Grand Sunergy secured the bid for the CGN Yantai Zhaoyuan 400MW Offshore Photovoltaic Project, marking a groundbreaking milestone in China’s offshore photovoltaic sector. The project, located in the Laizhou Bay area, covers approximately 6.44 square kilometers with 121 photovoltaic sub-arrays, boasting an AC-side rated capacity of 400MW. It employs Grand Sunergy’s 710W Seapower series 210-132 type double-sided double-glass high-efficiency HJT solar modules, which are specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment characterized by high humidity, high salt spray, and strong UV radiation.

The project is expected to generate an average annual electricity output of 690 million kilowatt-hours, sufficient to meet the annual electricity needs of approximately 400,000 households. This translates to an annual reduction of about 207,000 tons of coal consumption and 532,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, providing a continuous source of green power for Shandong Province’s economic and social development.

Innovating with the 600MW Salt-PV Complementary Project in Tushan, Laizhou,China
In addition to the offshore project, Grand Sunergy signed a contract for the CGN 600MW Salt-PV Complementary Power Generation Project in Laizhou Tushan. This project represents a key development in Shandong Province’s new energy industry, with a total investment of 2.4 billion RMB, covering approximately 12,600 acres. The innovative Salt-PV Complementary model involves installing photovoltaic modules above brine drying pools in salt fields, effectively combining salt production with photovoltaic power generation. This approach maximizes land use efficiency and promotes ecological restoration.

Grand Sunergy Wins Bid for CGN 600MW Salt-PV Complementary Project in Tushan, Laizhou, China

The project is expected to produce an annual average power generation of 1,003,526,000 kWh, saving 315,900 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 566,000 tons annually. This not only provides clean electricity to the local grid but also significantly contributes to local social and economic development and environmental protection.

Enhancing Brand Influence through Technological Excellence
Grand Sunergy’s success in these projects highlights its core philosophy of being innovation-driven, technology-focused, customer-first, and quality-oriented. The company’s ability to deliver high-efficiency, reliable photovoltaic modules tailored for specific environments demonstrates its technological and service capabilities. Grand Sunergy’s double-sided double-glass HJT solar modules, with enhanced resistance to salt spray, UV radiation, and water vapor, exemplify its commitment to quality and innovation.

By continuously striving for excellence and overcoming challenges, Grand Sunergy is well-positioned to drive the energy transition in China and globally. The company’s focus on providing efficient products and high-quality services not only creates value for clients but also contributes positively to sustainable development and environmental protection.

These projects not only reflect the high recognition of Grand Sunergy’s products and services by project investors and clients but also reinforce its leading role in the photovoltaic industry, paving the way for future innovations and market expansions.